8. 20 Sundays, Week 1

Warning: This is an unnecessarily long post 13.08.17. One thing I’ve never been able to understand that tends to happen quite often in movies and shows is how people manage to pull things together even when they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Especially in literal last minute moments where everything can go kaboom... Continue Reading →

7. 20 Sundays Blogging Challenge

06.08.17 3.02 pm Blog make overs are always fun (in spite of the endless angst and nagging lack of satisfaction) because it’s like redesigning and de-cluttering a space in your mind and figuring out a layout for your thoughts and word scribbles, but mostly they’re fun because pseudo-productivity always is. And with that frame of... Continue Reading →

6. Spirit

09.07.17. 2.38 pm If you haven’t already watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, I highly recommend that you do. I watched it many years ago and at the time my mind was too taken away by it being an animated film and the fact that the main character is a horse (the mind of a... Continue Reading →

5. Lost

22.06.17. 6.55 pm I’m obviously a little late for the whole ‘Wow, I’m already a month into blogging!’ phase/post, but I guess that also sums up most of my endeavours. And maybe in a way, my life, too. But I saw a cat video today, so I guess it’s not all bad. I’m also evolving... Continue Reading →

4. I Still Write

31.05.17 09.00 pm Ahhh, can’t believe it’s already the end of May. I learned a new word a week or two ago, ‘Zenosyne; the sense that time keeps going faster.’ So much depth and meaning in one word to the point where it perfectly describes my everyday thoughts and the strings that hold them. But... Continue Reading →

3. Become/I Want To

23rd May, 2017 You know that feeling you get when you want to take back something that you know belongs to you but you don’t know how or why or when? Like that sudden moment of realization years later that you shouldn’t have listened to that bully who made you give them your favourite pen... Continue Reading →

2. Tide / Self-Advice

15th May, 2017 10.16 pm Woot woot, it’s not past 11pm so my brain has not yet undergone its nightly melting routine. But I’m still not going to write anything new today (apart from this pre-actual-post, over extended intro thingamajig) and therefore I will share a rambling of mine from April because, as I always... Continue Reading →

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