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22) I’m Back. And Sorry. And Semi-Inspired. // People Are Paintings.


11.50 pm


Hi. So it’s obviously been a while, and I obviously never finished that 20 Sundays blogging challenge thing last year (I was close, though *points accusing finger at vulnerable self*), and you obviously don’t care, BUT, I’m back (!) and even more uninspired than when I took a break from here!!! How uncanny, right??? I see you and your judgmental poker face and honestly, same bruh, same.

On a serious note, though, I really am at a complete loss of inspiration and trying to navigate my way through this ultimatum of creativity block where I can’t seem to bring myself to absolutely anything even remotely creative or cathartic or expressive (do any of them well, that is), whether it’s writing or art journaling or pseudo-photography or even just basic DIYs or doodling. So I figured I’d give my WordPress blog another try since it’s one of the only things I haven’t yet turned to in my attempt to fight this block, or at least survive as unscathed as I possibly can.

And so, here we are (again). But since I can’t seem to make/create things lately, I figured till I get to that point again, I’ll just type out some old poems of mine that I’d written in my very first journal and share some of them here and on my Instagram account. Hopefully, that’ll help me get into the rhythm of things again, even if slowly and steadily.

Since the poems are really old ones, though, they’re obviously even more haphazard, lame, and/or cringe-worthy than my more recent ones. But if you’ll bear with me through this process (my condolences if you do), that’d be really lovely of you.

So yeah, without further ado, here’s one of the aforementioned poems that I wrote sometimes last year, along with the vaguely described inspiration for it:

The pseudo-inspiration behind the poem
The original version of the poem
The typed out version


As always, thanks for sticking around.


With lots of love & regards,



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