About Me, I Suppose



^ That was as formal as I can get at this point, so yeah. Anyway…

Hey there, amigo/comrade/reader/person/not-person/or whatever else you’d-like-to-be-called. Welcome to my humble brainchild, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. I can’t offer refreshments or an unforgettable journey, but what I can offer is all sorts of pieces of me that may not all fit seamlessly, but they paint me whole and define my shards, and I hope you’re able to take a piece for yourself, too, and maybe let it grow with you. I’m creating this space for my musings, my senseless poetry, my endless reveries, my once in a blue moon sense of humour, my evolving perceptions, my ever changing thoughts. A safe haven for my safe havens.

And the occasional talk about my very recent fondness for Korean dramas (I publicly proclaim that Baek In Ho is my child and that I will protect his fictional existence with my life), my perpetual love for animated spectacles, my slightly pathological obsession with animal videos and memes (and the internet in general), my intense feelings for food, and any and everything else that I feel like sharing with the void that lies between me and a kind of sanity that may never truly be mine. But I’ll continue to reach for it anyway, and I hope you like the view from the bridges I build as I do so.

May your day be blessed and your toast never burnt.