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15. 20 Sundays, Week 8 – Makeshift Cake


10.41 pm

The fact that it’s already October is kind of bittersweet for me; bitter relative to the fact that September was just one huge gush of stress that’s still lingering in the air, and sweet because it’s not September lol. Amongst other things, of course.

I’ve been racking my brain all day trying to figure out what to write about for today’s post and although I had a few ideas, I wanted to save them for when I felt motivated and inspired enough to take pictures that’ll at least look like I made an effort to supplement them. So for today, I’ll just write about a mostly useless life hack that just might be useful for people whose levels of lazy and bored while craving something sweet lie on the same spectrum as mine.

Sometimes when I’m desperately in the mood for something sweet with a cake like texture but I don’t feel like going out of my way to buy or bake anything and it gets to the point where even a mug cake seems like a hassle (I’ve never even made a mug cake and I get the feeling I’m missing out), I make this alternative that has an almost cake-like texture and barely takes five minutes to make. It’s not the most amazing or even useful life hack or anything but it’s a tip that helps me a lot so I figured I’d share anyway.

All you need are:

  • Chocolates (I usually use dairy milk, and you can use as much as you like),
  • Digestive biscuits (I’m yet to try it with other types of biscuits but if or when I do, I’ll mention how it goes),
  • Milk

Today I tried adding almonds as well but they tasted too chewy.

Basically, all I do is microwave the chocolates in a bowl till they melt enough to stir a bit, then add a spoon or two of milk and microwave them again. After that, I add two or three partially crushed digestive biscuits (some as crumbs and some as small pieces) and then I pour a little more milk, enough to soak most of the biscuits. Then microwave again till the biscuits become soft (with my microwave that usually happens in 30 seconds). Then you just mix everything till it looks like one big unappetizing blob of softness.

Even in the picture I’ll attach below it doesn’t look very appealing and it doesn’t always taste like a cake would, but the texture’s usually close to it and the taste is pretty decent, too. I personally think it’s a great last minute substitute for cravings that won’t go away and it’s worked so far for me, which is saying a lot because my cravings are usually very difficult to fulfill so easily (I’m very picky if that wasn’t already obvious. But oh well).

I apologize for such a dull post but it’s been a dull week, mostly because I still haven’t finished watching the k-drama I started last week that seemed promising but is way too dragged on for what it’s worth. I’ll probably post about it sometime soon as well but it’ll be more like a rant than a review lol.

So yeah, that’s it I guess. Hope you all had a good Sunday (I say to the void).



I promise it tastes a lot better than it looks. That’s coming from someone who takes food advice very seriously.
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14. 20 Sundays, Weeks 6 & 7 – First J-Drama I’ve Ever Watched


10.52 pm

Hi again, I’m back. From like two minutes ago…

I wanted to make this second post about the first J-drama I’ve ever watched, Good Morning Call (a Netflix original), which I started last Sunday (literally a day before my exams because I suck) and finished this Wednesday I think. I’m now realizing in retrospect though that I don’t want to talk about it that much because it’s easily one of the most cringe-worthy shows I’ve ever watched (which is saying a lot because cringe-worthy shows are often a guilty pleasure of mine) and I know for a fact that I can’t even attribute that aspect of it to the stress coloured environment I watched it on or the fact that it’s the first J-drama I’ve watched. Because I mean, first one or not, in all honesty it was very flawed and not even in the way where I can overlook most of the flaws because it has a lot of nice and/or heart-warming aspects too as I was able to do with some of the K-dramas I’ve watched (Uncontrollably Fond, Heartstrings, Cantabile Tomorrow, to name a few).

I’d have loved to do a J-drama and K-drama comparison and contrast post but I know I can’t do one until I’ve watched a certain number of J-dramas and until I’ve watched more K-drams, too. Definitely looking forward to doing a post like at some point in the future!

But yeah, anyway, since I don’t feel like reviewing the show because it’ll turn out to be more like a rant rather than a review, I’ll briefly describe the storyline so that this post isn’t completely pointless lol.

Basically, the main character’s parents move to the country to take over the family farm while she stays back in Tokyo to finish school. Since there aren’t any rooms available in the girl’s dorms at that time, she rents an apartment. Soon she finds out that she and the most popular guy at her school (obviously he has to be the most popular – cringe moment number one) are the victims of a scam and end up getting the same apartment. Due to certain circumstances, they decide to live together until a vacancy comes up in the dorms (cringe moment number 2) aaand I think you already get the gist of what happens later, not that difficult to put two and two together here.

At any other time I’m sure I’d have left the show after two or three episodes (I left The Heirs and Pinocchio when they made me cringe even though they’re apparently not that bad) but I needed immediate stress relief and something light and mostly substance-less seemed perfect for that. Though to be fair, the main character was relatively likable at first, it was just halfway through that she became really annoying and that greatly amplified the cringe factor of the overall show itself. But yeah, it wasn’t that bad at the start, I’ll give it that much. And I did like a few of the secondary characters, so at least there’s that.

Anyway, I’m done talking a lot while not really saying anything (my main style of speaking). Hopefully next week I’ll post something that’s actually interesting.




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13. 20 Sundays, Weeks 6 & 7 – Favourite YouTube Channels


10.29 pm


‘Hi! I’m alive!’ – I say to the void made of tumbleweed…


I realized a few days ago that I forgot to post last week which is really annoying because despite the fact that it was literally the day before exam week, I genuinely wanted to post something but it just completely slipped my mind. I blame stress and cramps, so just this one time I’ll let it pass and not take it as me failing to commit to this challenge (why not exploit the convenience of self-forgiveness, amirite?).

Anyways 2.0…

Because I forgot to post last week, I’ll post twice today instead of doing one long post altogether. I was thinking of doing the latter but the idea of didn’t feel satisfying. So yeah, getting straight to it, this first post is a list of the YouTube channels I’ve come across over the last few months and absolutely love binge watching. Most of them are lifestyle themed or loosely so, some are DIY and artsy channels, some travel ones, some journaling ones, others are different categories, and all of them are uplifting, inspiring, and have made me happy at some point or the other. Do check them out if you can, I highly doubt you’ll regret it.

(the list is in no particular order)

  1. Lavendaire


  1. Chunbuns


  1. Dorice Lee


  1. Drew Scott


  1. Elena Rogue


  1. Nim C


  1. Ghostly (art journal account)


  1. Hijuhbi


  1. internationally ME


  1. Japanology


  1. Jasmine Rossol


  1. makoccino


  1. Noor Unnahar


  1. Overall Adventures


  1. Seaweed Kisses


  1. snazzyavery


  1. Ventuno Art


  1. White Piece


I feel like I’m forgetting a couple of channels so I’ll add them to list if/when I remember. But yeah, these are some of the ones I’ve been watching a lot lately and they’re amazing. Hope you’ll like them, too!


[exhales awkwardly]




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12. 20 Sundays, Week 5 – Haikyuu!!



10.25 pm

I thought I’d skip this Sunday because my semester exams are in just a week but I remembered that I promised myself I’d stick to this commitment no matter how useless it felt. I want to follow through with at least one thing in my life and if I stop every time I feel like I couldn’t be bothered by it then I’ll never change. So yeah, this took a little self-reflection which always feels lame in retrospect but whatever.

I started watching Haikyuu!! this week (Yeah, less than two weeks before my exams. Very smart of me, I know) and I LOVE IT. A lot. More than I thought I would. I watched an episode quite some time back but it was relatively new at the time so I decided to wait for more episodes to come out first and I’m so glad I did. I just finished season 1 the day before yesterday and it was so good. I’m only a few of episodes into the second season but it looks quite promising so far which has me excited. Towards the end of the first season and at the beginning of the second one I started getting Naruto vibes from it; the characters, the friendship slash rivalry aspects, the opening and closing themes, the hard work and passion for an ambition and dream, and things like that. The wholesome stuff. Love it.

One thing I really like about anime like this is the impact of the story telling. Like, if I were someone who already loved volleyball or had even a slight interest in it, obviously this show would speak to me on some level or I’d be able to connect with it to a certain extent regardless of whether I end up liking it or not. But to exude such a strong sense of passion that it reverberates in someone who’s always been an outsider to its world or who’s always been mostly apathetic towards it and get even them riled up and excited for something they didn’t think much of less than a week ago is, in my opinion, excellent story telling. And the character development is as great as I had expected which is something that I always look for in a good story.

Can’t wait to binge watch even more to the point of regret. I just hope my semester papers don’t suffer because of it. Sigh.



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11. 20 Sundays, Week 4 – K-Dramas I’ve Watched


11.23 pm

Roughly 5 weeks ago I thought a weekly challenge would be perfect for me because of my past of rarely finishing things I start but obviously I need to re-evaluate my commitment issues since I clearly underestimated them. To be fair, though, it’s been a long weekend because my brother and dad both are out of town for a few months and both of them came back for Eid so it’s has been busy and wholesome at home. Anyway… (Can I patent a word just on the basis of excessive use?)

I wanted to do a post where I listed all the K-Dramas I’ve watched so far (I entered this one way realm in I think March this year, or May. Idk, one of the two) and wrote a few lines about each of them or rated certain aspects of them, but I’m absolutely ex-haus-ted. So I figured, for now, I’ll just list them down and every now and then when I’m able to subdue my procrastinating tendencies for long enough, I’ll talk about each of them in detail. I haven’t actually watched that many K-Dramas, or at least not enough to call myself obsessed or an amateur-ish expert like some of my friends are, but I think I’ve watched enough to be able to comment on a few basic aspects like acting, cast, soundtrack, general story line, et cetera, et cetera (I always say extra is as extra does).

The first three in the list are in the order I watched them in, the rest are more or less in the same sequence except for one or two. I feel like I’ve watched a few more than the ones I’ve listed but for the life of me, I can’t remember which ones. Or maybe I’ve just read up on too many different dramas that my brain is convinced I’ve actually watched them lol. I haven’t watched one in a while (the anime pseudo stan in me revived itself again) but I have a lot, and I mean a lot more on my ‘to watch list’; some have been on it for months. So yeah, I’m looking forward to being reduced to a puddle of cringe and emotions and short but intense obsessive phases again. It’s a great feeling, albeit the constantly intermittent ‘what am I doing with my life?’ thoughts.

Anyway… (Do ya hate me? Cause I do)

Here’s the list, which in retrospect is even more underwhelming than I first thought it was. But oh well.

1. Flower Boys Next Door

2. Heartstrings

3. Cheese In The Trap

(my short lived but very intense, embarrassing, and still a little lingering obsession with Baek In Ho warrants an entire post of its own lol)

4. Shopping King Louie / Shopaholic Louis

5. You’re beautiful

6. Uncontrollably fond

7. 5 episodes of The Heirs (I couldn’t get past the cringe and angst but I’ll try giving it another shot)

8. 1 episode of Pinocchio (I just couldn’t get past the cringe but I’ll try giving this one another chance as well).

9. Cantabile Tomorrow

10. One More Time / The Day After We Broke Up (this one’s only on Netflix).

11. 2 or 3 episodes of Reply 1997 (It was really nice but I decided to watch Reply 1998 first)

So yeah, that’s about it. On a side note, I’m kind of proud of myself for writing this post (even though it’s well into the world of mediocrity and unoriginality) because I almost convinced myself to skip this one but I then realized that I don’t want to succumb to my commitment-to-self-growth issues just yet. Here’s hoping I never do, or at least that I stop doing it often.



P.S. Excuse any typos. This was a last minute mind barf so my grammar and spelling are probably even worse than usual.


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10. 20 Sundays, Week 3 – Phone Cover Collection



14.Something pm

Warning: Unnecessarily long post

The test I don’t know jack about (sorry again, jack) is tomorrow and I know even less about it now than I did a week ago if that’s even possible. But yeah, I decided a few days ago that I don’t really care because my finals are soon and I’ll have to be stressed all over again anyway so I’m taking a mini mental vacation while being completely prepared and surprisingly okay with failing tomorrow.


I had no idea what I should post about today. I was about to write about pancakes because for someone who doesn’t really know how to cook, I love making pancakes almost as much as I leave eating them. I didn’t feel like making any today just to take pictures, though, so I decided to talk about my phone cover collection because y naught, amirite? I don’t think I own that many phone covers but compared to most of my friends I apparently do, and I guess I own enough to call it a collection? Idk, I just like the idea of having collections of things but I’m too lazy and forgetful to have my own so I’ll just use the term loosely and pretend that I do.

I changed my phone last year in April but I still have my S4 as a spare so I kept the covers for it as well. I never thought I’d be an iPhone person; I literally used to cringe at the idea of buying one because of all the issues people would tell me about but now I can’t imagine not using iPhone and the same goes for my whole family (we’re a fickle bunch). I still like Samsung, though, and I miss my androids every now and then but I get bored easily so the change was nice.

Anyway 2.0… (Does it bug you that I keep doing that? Because it’s starting to annoy me too lol)

Here are the pictures that I’m now realizing in retrospect are too basic but oh well, they shall suffice.


These are the covers I had for my S4. I think I lost one quite some time back and another one that I still have was really dirty so I didn’t put that here. The red one is obviously pretty damaged but it’s the one currently on my S4 and I was too lazy to remove it, so yeah. The one on the top right is a really cool metallic silver one but I couldn’t capture how nice it looks in person. The top left one is also a really cool metallic one.

IMG_3681  IMG_3683

I used to love this cover a lot, the tree changes seasons based on how you tilt it and that was always refreshing. It used to turn wintery as well but for some reason it doesn’t anymore which is kind of sad. I prefer hard covers, though, so the rubbery material wasn’t exactly working for me but overall the cover itself was aesthetically pleasing.


This was one was one of my favourites. It was kind of overpriced considering the quality wasn’t that good (it cracked just by trying to remove it) but I loved it so much I didn’t care. I adore the vibes and the minimalistic aesthetic it has, they’re so simple yet refreshing and light.


My iPhone covers collection! I was going to get more but I’d go broke plus people were judging me since I was buying a lot in a short period of time so I realized I should take it easy for a while and start reusing covers before buying new ones. I haven’t bought one in quite some time so I might finally get a new one next month because extra is as extra does.


I love pretty much all of my iPhone covers but this is probably my favourite. I had this custom made from an online store called Cubane and I’ve tried their covers before but the quality improved a lot when I got this one so I was even happier than I expected to be. This is one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite anime films, Kimi No Nawa (Your Name). I went through a short lived but super obsessive phase over that movie and I’m still low-key obsessed with it, so this cover is still one of my favourites. The colours are so soothing and I adore the material.

That’s pretty much it for my sort-of-collection of phone covers. I’m sure it’ll start growing exponentially next year once I’m done reusing the ones I already have because again, extra is as extra does.

So yeah…

Awkward silence moment again?

Ok. Bye.



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9. 20 Sundays, Week 2 – Art Journal Makeover

FullSizeRender (9)   FullSizeRender (3)


So I almost completely forgot about my commitment to this challenge (why am I not surprised?), hence whatever follows this sentence is a barfing of words and randomness and obv incorrect grammar. But something’s better than nothing, right? Maybe. I guess. Idk.


I LOVE journals and notebooks and hoarding (how cliché, right?) and one of my favourite things to do with them is customize (read: ruin) their covers in an attempt to make them aesthetical and even though I mostly fail at it, the process is always therapeutic. On Friday I decided to give my art journal a makeover cause y naught, rite? And because I have a test coming up that I don’t know jack about (*sweats nervously* sorry, Jack), so obviously I had to procrastinate.

Anyway 2.0…

I was a little underwhelmed (albeit mostly happy) with it at first because the lighting in my room made it feel dull but after seeing it Saturday morning I was actually much more satisfied than I expected to be. So yeah, all’s well that ends well. More or less.

Below are pictures and a brief description of the materials I used to DIY the cover and back. Here’s hoping they last lol.

This is how the journal looked before. The two gold corners are pieces I took from an old gift box.
FullSizeRender (10)
For the front cover, I used a leftover wedding invitation card. It extends till the spine of the journal so I had to constantly open and fold the journal to make sure the spine adjusted accordingly.

FullSizeRender (5)
For the back, I used two things: For the part adjacent to the spine, I used construction paper, and for the rest of the back, I used a cut out of a part of a magazine cover.
And I guess that’s about it.

[awkward silence]